Cold- wire cutting

Constructive soil injection for petrochemical environment

Carbon Fiber Solutions

Technical Industrial Solutions B.V. (TIS) operates mainly in the petrochemical and offshore industries. Companies that are looking to improve existing methods and techniques, including in the areas of safety, sustainability, environmental friendliness and efficiency are with TIS at the right place. It runs within TIS to share knowledge and work off the beaten path. On behalf of Boskalis, Technical Industrial Solutions has cut a heattrain on the site of Dow Chemical Terneuzen. This technique has been chosen for safety and the environment.

Safe and environmentally friendly digging pipes without restrictions and without embankment, dam walls, punch creations or shutters. Assit owner can safely inspect, repair or replace the released product pipes without risk of collapsing sand. The photo shows the principle of the injection massif along the product lines.

Technical industrial solutions have been certified by Dow Aksa for the processing and application of specialized Carbon Fiber applications. The materials are exclusively modified for petrochemical

and underwater applications in offshore.

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